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Most people are awful. The search for love isn't a stroll through cherry blossoms; it's sifting the sewage outflow from an asshole factory. You spend the whole first date trying to find out if your companion's a jerk while they try to stop you from finding out if they're a jerk, and vice versa.

This romantic maskirovka turns first dates into romantic cold wars -- hugely expensive wastes of time in which two powers posture about how much they want to screw each other. While it only takes a right-swipe and a thumb-typed message to meet someone, it takes months to know them, and by that point, you're committed to them out of sheer inertia rather than any human desire.

It's the one problem an app could never solve. This app would immediately identify a jerk.

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Luckily, modern technology makes this more realistic than you might think. The Internet makes it easier to detect assholes by amplifying the hell out of them. Most people aren't imaginative with their profiles when registering for new social websites, so "Asshole Alert" would use their dating profile, or facial recognition from a photo you've taken, to find and scan all their other online accounts. It would then alert you if they contain certain keywords. Social media is like a Geiger counter for human toxicity, in that your average asshole doesn't know how to type characters without shrieking about his or her most depraved psychosis.

Has your date called a stranger a bitch? Written about ethics in gaming journalism? Do they defend Dawkins? You deserve to know if racial slurs or threats of violence are bubbling away inside them, because after a certain length of time, they're going to spill some on you.

This app would avoid more wasted time and bodily fluids than several wars. No reason to spend hours working out if someone is an asshole if they've already volunteered their nights and weekends advertising that to the world. Just a prognosticatory warning: Even if I don't get the credit, this app is definitely coming unlike anyone it identifies.

This is the future. We've all overheard a guy talking his first date to death. The girl gets three words into what she does for a living before he starts explaining it to her, and at that point he might as well be reciting vows of celibacy. A primal urge to display mating worthiness combined with a tragic lack of woolly mammoths to hunt has left him with an insatiable urge to demonstrate expertise in all of existence, which is just one of the many ways our biological programming has betrayed us.

Or maybe the girl is outputting her entire mind over a cup of coffee, because the only thing that impresses her more than herself is her ability to explain how impressive she is. Either way, it's the kind of obnoxious tragedy that nearby hipster coffee-swillers can't help live-tweeting about. The whole point of conversation is getting to know others, and somehow, both these people have missed it. If your part in the conversation could be replaced by a six-inch chunk of silicone, so could your contribution to the rest of the relationship.

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If you're either of these people, then this app amends it. The Conversation Shot Clock is the easy fix. Siri and Cortana aren't quite stenographers just yet, but basic differences in vocal frequency would make it easy for phones to track who's been talking, and for how long.

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The screen could show a colored bar, lighting up if it gets too lopsided, maybe flashing alerts like "It's time to stop making statements and start asking questions, dipshit" while prodding the other person to say something with subtle electric shocks. This impartial electronic referee makes it easier for everyone. They can't claim that you're "interrupting" when you've only been 10 percent of the conversation so far.

It's also worth mentioning that a smartphone which makes us better at talking to each other could silence an entire generation of assholes complaining about "kids these days. And I haven't even gotten into the prospect of recording stats. Adding sports statistics to dating would make flaws obvious to everyone, and let even the most oblivious asshole work on improving themselves.

People could start working on being better dates the same way they unlock video game achievements like new content for co-op mode.

We'd finally be able to apply video game logic to sexual encounters in a way that isn't totally psychotic. First-date conversation topics should be light but also stimulating. You don't want to go about unloading your deepest anxieties, but you also can't simply recite the current state of the weather. So most first-daters end up talking about current events, like whatever happens to be trending on Twitter.

These topics are neutral, topical, and show that you're capable of reacting to outside stimulus. But on the plus side, "pickup artist" might be one of like five jobs to survive automation this decade. Grindr, the dating app centered around men seeking other men, came under fire earlier this year after European researchers discovered that the app had shared, among other things, its users' HIV statuses with third-party developers.

This kinda taints the timing of Grindr's announcement, only a week earlier, that they would periodically remind users to get tested for HIV. It's hard not to think that they were only after more of that sweet, precious data. Grindr "And while you're at it, why not tell us what you think about the new Fanta Cherimoya? Grindr's parent company issued a vague statement that it was working with other software vendors to improve their platform, and in doing so may have disclosed users' statuses, but reiterated that "Grindr is a public forum" and encouraged people to "carefully consider what information to include in your profile.

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After all, anyone who types anything into an app is offering their information voluntarily, and doesn't have to be straight up asked whether it's OK if the company shares that information with anyone else. Even if said information includes sensitive stuff like "There's a feared virus in my body. And in a way, they're not wrong. Apps do do this all the time. Apps sharing data with third-party vendors has become so incredibly normalized and baked into the profitability of app-making itself that individual people's HIV statuses being shared with software developers is no more alarming to companies than Facebook serving up HAIM concert ads to people who clicked on HAIM.

Why are you using dating apps, anyway? Because traditional dating has glaring limitations and technology offers up numerous advantages in our ever-growing pursuit of human connection? Why should there be ANY middle ground between "Never use any technology to improve your life" and "You just have to accept that companies are gonna sell your attraction to dominant daddies which you haven't even figured out about yourself yet to random advertisers? As of now, that middle ground doesn't really exist.

So be careful out there! Remember that your location and everything you ever do is constantly being recorded.

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4 Creepy Dating Apps That Actually Exist

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