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Maybe she was drunk and not thinking clearly? Cleopatra Jones September 6, , 2: The smell, the length of time she was gone. What did she think, he thought she was doing?

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CCL September 6, , 2: I cut it up with a butter knife and he never had to find out. Copa September 6, , 2: Dear Wendy September 6, , 2: CCL September 6, , 3: Sarah September 7, , 9: Oh good grief I just remembered another story.

He was in the shower and time was limited. I had gone there before to work out. So I grabbed the key, ran there, and got back before he was even out of the shower.


18 Embarrassing First Date Confessions

Moneypenny September 6, , 3: I read about a woman who went on a date, stopped up the toilet with her poop, and then hid it in her purse. Like, scooped it out and put it in tissues and into her purse. Cleopatra Jones September 6, , 3: Sadly, this one is even worse. Copa September 6, , 4: Do you guys think these are real? Last night I got home and saw that my sweet little foster dog had diarrhea in her crate! She used her blankets to try to cover it up. Kate September 6, , 5: Yeah, once my dog must have had stomach problems because he had diarrhea in the bathroom, then pulled stuff over it like the bathmat, the book I was reading, etc.

They like to cover it up. Last week my dog rolled in, I think, fox shit, anyway the grossest smelling thing in the world.

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It was before work and I had to take time to put him in the sink and wash him with Dawn. Kate September 6, , 6: I just read another article about this, and it says her poop was in a bag. I bet she took the bin liner and picked up her poo as you do dog poo, and tied the top. That makes it slightly less insane? Miss MJ September 7, , 2: There was a couple-year period where I dated an incredibly disparate cross-section of men and attempted to shoehorn myself into each new aesthetic in order to impress them.

Anyway, the point is, there were a good few purchases I made during that time in the interest of impressing a man that I deeply regret, and feel some serious embarrassment over. Not a single dollar should go to impressing some dude or woman! Here are their answers:. So I loved Bob Marley, and until about two years ago, I had the backpack to prove it. Despite not totally loving that perfume myself, I went ahead and bought a bottle of it just because this guy liked the smell.

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Anyway, we had to hitch a ride from a friend to the show, we got stuck in a huge amount of traffic on the NJ parkway, and we ended up missing the very set I knew my crush would be at. My friend and I ended up sitting on a grassy hill in the parking lot casually waiting for the dude and his friends to come out so we could collectively relive how awesome the show was.

I felt like I was essentially playing a character for him, but receiving a compliment from his mother felt like the ultimate validation, as weird as it sounds.

SH*TTING MY PANTS - Embarrassing First Date

I think I was going through this whole class-insecurity thing of being the working-class girl who went to an Ivy League school, and it manifested itself in this extremely wonky relationship. Those were the most excruciating 10 minutes of my life. Chelsea Fagan founded the blog The Financial Diet.

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