Sims 2 nightlife dating guide

The Sims 2 Nightlife Game Guide

The higher their playfulness level is also generally means the weirder and more out there the pleasure seeker's wants will be. This should at least keep them a float till they fill their houses with materialistic goodness. Of course, needless to say, the downtown feature of the game was practically designed with the pleasure seeker in mind, as they'll frequently get wants to just go there, and once they are there, they will find plenty of things for them to do to help rejuvenate their aspiration meter.

A good strategy for pleasure seeking sims is to pair them up with adult wealth aspiring sims. Pleasure seeking and wealth aspiring sims can help fulfill each others needs.

They both also frequently get buying object wants, so you can get lucky and nail two birds with one stone by buying objects that both sims want. Of course, needless to say, the pleasure seeker sim can freeload off of the wealth sim's bling whales. An alternative, but very effective strategy, similar to the romance sim, for pleasure seeking sims is to have them specialize in dating wealthy sims, like Mr.

A pleasure seeking sim that specializes in dating for profit would invite lovers to move in or marry, then kill or ship them off after looting their money and inventory.

It wouldn't take a well played pleasure seeking sim very long to land a lover ready to move in after a good date or two, which they'll most likely have wants to do anyway, and if you manage to land Mr. Big or the Diva, you'll be set for quite a while to come, so it'll be done, done, onto the next one. Aside from all of the above, pleasure seeking sims sure have some fun small time wants only exceeded in weirdness by the cheese aspiring sim. Pleasure seeker sims love to play pranks on people, fair enough, they also are particularly fond of using influence commands, however, that doesn't even begin to cover their hilarious want to roast marshmallows over a fire jet that could potentially fry their eyebrows off or to stay home from work.

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That's right, pleasure seeking sims can actually get a puny counterproductive want to stay home from work, something we all can relate to. They also will want to do things like jump on the coach and take bubbles baths, and the want to go on outings or dates is pretty standard with them as well. One other cute want that certain personality pleasure seekers have is the desire to change into their PJs when they are at home, I can kinda' relate, hahahah. Finally, pleasure seekers also develop the want to buy children's toys, guess there is a kid in every sim after all, except for romance sims, they're evil.

Oh yeah, Pleasure Seekers have one of the most hilarious desperation aspiration animations of the bunch! They put a lamp shade over their head and start dancing like the delusional disco inferno stud that they are, oh yeah, they also make weird noises while they are at it, can't forget the weird noises.

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The one-stop shop for detailed information on the new dating scene. The new area of SimCity gets a section all its own to describe its features, and how to make your own customized getaway city! Detailed information on a couple changes too small for their own section, but large enough to warrant a closer look than just a brief overview. But you're not reading this guide just for the cheat codes The Sims 2 Guide