What do i do if im dating someone but i like someone else

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I must say that this is a miracle for I've never had an experience with such before and it really worked out for me. To viewers out there who seeks for any help can get in touch with the Doctor. He's truly Indeed a God on Earth. Am I happy in my relationship? Am I sexually satisfied in my relationship? I just don't know Wat to do.

I just turned 15 yesterday, and I've only been dating this kid a year older than me for 2 months but I've been hanging out with the guy my own age that I've had a crush on for forever a lot lately.. Last night we were kind of flirting in my friend's pool and it just felt right..

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I'm thinking about asking him for advice on breaking up with my current boyfriend, but I'm seeing him in a few hours so I'm not sure if that would be weird or not.. Plus my current boyfriend is supposed to give me a birthday present soon so I'm not sure if it would be weird if I broke up with him tonight or not.. I really really like this kid, but I'm worried I'll throw away what I have with my current boyfriend and he'll reject me..

I’m in a relationship but I have a crush on someone else, what should I do?

It is so good to write this down I've been so confused and scared and worried I will regret something I do. I have been with my current boyfriend for 8 years. I know 8 years. We've had many ups and downs. We were 17 when we got together and we've always got on so well. Grown up together in some ways. We have had 2 breaks. One a long time ago when we went through a really bad patch due to partying mainly. The other was a couple of years ago for 9 months when he went on a overseas trip. During this time I did meet other guys as he did, girls. When he got back, when got back together and it was really good.

I have since gone back to uni to do medicine. He has a very good job in finance and works a lot. I have met so many new people that are all "just like me". With the study load, I have said to my current bf that I need to study at home more often I feel like we are not besties anymore I feel like I'm not attractive to him either.

He definitely is also keen but knows i have a long term bf and would never do anything. My current bf has been overseas for a lot of the start of this year and so I have felt as if I have been single but 'unavailable' a lot. My bf is really nice. He also is very funny and even better looking than this new guy. My current bf is my age but sometimes I get so worried that he wants me to fit into a certain mould.. I want to be a doctor and I also want to be a mum.

But I am not someone that will give up my career to raise children. I know this won't apply to so many of you, but its like with this new guy he understands all of what it is about me. It's called homophily to save me from trying to explain the phenomenon. Sometimes I feel like my bf doesn't get me, doesn't care or has passions about the same things as me.

But on the other hand, he is amazing.. I know millions of girls are so jealous that I have found a guy who is so nice, loyal, masculine whilst still being able to be romantic. He is so caring but I like this other guy so much I get butterflies when I see him. I know its ridiculous and it's just a crush. My current bf is for the longterm and I can't be going around stuffing it up now Im old enough to be getting married for goodness sake.

I just don't know how I can stop wanting to kiss this other guy. I seriously just want to PASH him.

Get it out of my system so I can't get on with my life with current bf. What should I do??

When Having A Crush While In A Relationship Is OK (And When It's Not)

I really don't want to lose current bf. I know so strange and it would kill me if he felt the same way about me but Im so stuck. I hate that I have to choose. Why can't I have a life where I get to do both and be happy. You sound as though you are in real turmoil, but please, please take your time with the guy you met on-line.

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I'm only saying this because I've realized that most of us are falling for people we know little abou tand spend very very little time with, so we fill in the gaps ourselves and create these amazing men in our minds. Most of us however know some things about these guys, but you know pretty much only what you are told by this guy and what he allows you to see through his web cam. Therefore, your perfect guy is only based on what this guy has allowed you to think about him. Connecting over the net is a whole different thing to connecting with someone you've met, sensed and felt.

It's the excitement of fresh sensations and someone giving us attention that hooks us but is it really worth spoiling a relationship that may just need a little spicing up? I know the raw feeling when you think of "the other guy".

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It's pleasant but somewhat dark and almost a burden but it's also delicious and constant. My new aim is to reachieve this feeling or something close with my boyfriend because I know that if my "other guy" and I are to get together, I'll be disappointed.

I, you, most of us here have filled in the gaps about these men and imagined these guys to be so brilliant that they are destined to be disappointments. It's inevitable in my view. Someone please let me know if i'm wrong. I kinda need any good excuse to take my car in to that garage ;-. The first time I took my car to the garage I noticed the engineer tasting me with his eyes. He was mid-conversation with a colleague but he never took his eyes off me.

He's about 40, tall, handsome but worn and roughish looking We spoke, I explained my worries about my car but all along I had to keep looking past him, at the ground, at my car, anywhere but at his face. I felt hot, nervous and worst of all, a nearly uncontrollable urge to touch him, kiss him, something. The next day I went to collect my car and I was drawn to him. We took the car out for a test and we chatted about everything and nothing When we got back to the garage, I thanked the engineer, all the time avoiding his gaze.

We shook hands and he said he hoped to see me again. If anything seemed wrong with my car, no matter how small, I was to call him and it would be a solid excuse to see me again. I haven't stopped thinking and fantasizing about him. My thoughts were mostly lustful at first, but it has been 2 months since I saw him and those thoughts have turned to more romantic notions of a man I barely know being absolutely everything a girl like me could want.

I know there's nothing to do but wait for these feelings to pass but my word, it's not easy, especially when I'm fairly certain I haven't popped into his mind since. Its hard for me to decide who to stay with because i'm in a relationship with another guy and i just got back with him not too long ago, but now i'm starting to regret why i started the relationship again I like this guy i met online because we have so many common interests!

I knew I had personal problems. I guess I did not want to see what the truth was about my direction in life and why I was doing certain things. Your insight and genuine ability to be able to see what the real situation is with me is helping me overcome the boundaries I have right now. I know it will not be easy the path I have chosen but at least now I do know what path I want to be on. Thank- you once again. It really is a big big help to have you in my life and on my side.